Sunday, 28 June 2015

June Monthly Favourites

The month of June has been especially busy and stressful what with taking my A level exams, finishing college and [tomorrow] starting my apprenticeship. However the elusive British sun finally came out to grace us (although as I'm writing this it's currently raining -typical!) helping to lift my spirits and allowing for stress releasing yoga practices. June has lead me to discovering new products which I have fallen in LOVE with and will become a firm staple in my beauty regime. Also June would not have been complete without a 3 day binge of the hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black!

#1 Urban Outfitters cat eye sunglasses
Urban Outfitter £16

I have been loving these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters through June. At £16 I felt these sunglasses were a steal for the quality and the sleek look they offer with the key to these sunglasses being in the detail. The gold detailing along the top in the cat eye shape and the subtle deep purple colour making them almost appear black give these sunglasses an edge against the basic black cat eye. I love wearing these with a more structured outfit as they add a splash fun and deliver a more youthful look. Equally they look great with a more casual outfit and I believe they offer a filter category of 3 adding to their appeal as they would be perfect for holiday.

#2 Season 3 of Orange is the New Black

As previously said it wouldn't of been June without the highly anticipated return of Orange is the New Black which is why it couldn't NOT feature in my monthly favourites. After falling in love with seasons 1&2, I along with the other 99% of Netflix users jumped straight into the binge of season 3 managing to watch all 13 episodes in 3 days! After the fatal departure of Vee in the finale of season 2 the prison is finally going back to the normal order and we see even more character development with back stories for Flaca, Big Boo and most notably and heart breaking Pennsatucky being revealed. This season also saw Alex finally returning, Piper becoming a boss panty smuggling dealer(!), Ruby Rose gracing our screens, Crazy eyes writing a novel to rival Fifty Shades and Taystee and Poussey continuing to display the ultimate friendship goals. All in all season 3 was amazing and kudos to the writers who never fail to create fantastic and unpredictable storylines. If you have hesitated in watching the show or never understood the hype I urge you to jump on the bandwagon, you wont regret it!

#3 Superdrug Coconut Oil

Superdrug £2

 The hype of coconut oil left me desperate to try it and having been looking for a while I finally found an affordable one in Superdrug. I am now a believer in the holy coconut oil and have been absolutely loving using it to take off my makeup and cleanse my face, using it as a leave in conditioner and for the main moisturiser in DIY face masks and body scrubs. When using it as a cleanser I warm it up in my hands and then rub the oil into my skin for 1 minute, using a warm Liz Earle muslin cloth I wash it off and gently exfoliate the skin. This leaves my skin feeling really moisturized and clean and I have noticed when using this method my skin has been staying clearer for longer. However this particular coconut oil is fragranced so is not 100% natural but I found the smell to not be overbearing and the results very pleasing. This will defiantly be repurchased and has earned itself a definite place in my beauty regime due to its varying uses and great results.

#4 Palmer's Olive Oil formula co-wash Cleansing Conditioner £5.99
 THIS  IS  AMAZING  . For all you curly girls out there or anyone with the blessing/curse of super thick hair desperately seeking a frizz free miracle look no further. After reading Lorraine Massey's book - Curly Girl the handbook I finally understood the reason why my hair resembled hay and that my thick wavy/curly hair was been destroyed by a never ending cycle of sulfates and silicones. Since it was June and the humidity was well on its way I sort out to find a sulfate free shampoo to follow the 'no-poo' regime. I discovered Palmer's Olive Oil formula co-wash Cleansing Conditioner and after reading many positive reviews decided to buy it and this is a purchase I will never regret. It claims to be gentle daily cleanser containing natural extracts to pamper dry, frizzy hair containing 1/4 cleanser and 3/4 moisturizer and acts as a substitute for shampoo and conditioner becoming your 2in1. This product is absolutely fantastic and leaves my scalp and hair feeling cleansed and moisturized and has noticeably reduced my frizz even after 5 uses! Due to its sulfate free formula my scalp is not irritated and has solved the issue of my dandruff and when I wear my hair natural the curls are forming better and are not merging into one mass of frizz, instead becoming more defined by each use (happy hair!) I would 100% recommend this product to anyone except people who have very fine hair as the co-wash trend is not ideally suited to this hair type because of the weight of the moisturizer but it you have thick or curly hair I really urge you to try the co-washing and this product.
 #5 Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser

Boots £4.99

Although I may be late to this products hype,throughout June I have loved using it. Whilst meandering through Boots looking for pore strips I found that this was the same price as 6 strips so decided to give it a shot as it seemed to offer the same results. At first I was sceptical as when I first used it, it made my face feel very cold and was almost too refreshing, however after getting used to the sensation and the black colour not commonly used for cleansers created by the charcoal, I loved the results I was seeing. My skin felt 'tingly-smooth' and surprisingly moisturized with my pores seemingly visibly more clear. Although my pores are not 100% clean and there are still a few blackheads, considering that I am still in my teens and live in a city the results are great and I am extremely happy with this product using it every morning to clean my skin and as a refreshing wake up!

#6 Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Boots £10.99

June saw me picking up a foundation - a product I do not normally use. However at the end of this month I had a few nights out to attend and wanted to just perfect my skin and have a even base to apply my contour to. I decided to opt for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in light coverage and the colour 'light beige' No. 53, as it claimed to be an instant blending gel giving a flawless complexion and undetectable coverage with its formula of vitamin rich fruits. I can honestly say that this foundation is very easy to blend and does give a light coverage yet definitely giving a flawless and dewy complexion which I love. This product does live up to its name delivering a healthy look to your skin and although a foundation I will 100% be repurchasing once it runs out.

I hope you found this useful and may consider trying any products/T.V series mentioned. It's now time to welcome July and I hope you all have a wonderful month!

Grace x

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